lørdag 6. juni 2009


My last stay in South East Asia for this time was Bangkok. I just had three days here, but since I was not going to travel around in Thailand, three days was okey as I also had got a little bit in the “going home modus”. My stay included a cs-dinner, around 50 cs'ers joined the dinner, so in the short time I made a lot of new friends. Before the dinner one of the cs'ers, Mone which is from Bangkok but is living in Japan, took me on a tour around the impressive temple palaces in Bangkok. I guess to try to describe them is useless, one should see them, but I have tried to find some pics which can show some of it at least. The tour also included a traditional thai massage at the massage school in one of the temple areas. They are well maintained, and the maintenance of the buildings and restoration of the wall paintings seem to be going on continuously. 

I did not get to see so much more of Bangkok, but I walked a little around and got to feel a little bit of the Bangkok atmosphere: I also experienced that the taxi drivers, either it was a car taxi or a motorbike taxi, usually wanted to drive me to a place where I could “get a lady” rather than to the place I asked them to go. One of them even stopped to drive for some minutes to try to persuade me. 

Well, I have to admit that my experiences with taxis of any kind in Bangkok is limited. Except for to and from the airport (where I not get any offers like that) I used a car taxi once and motorbike taxi twice. Mostly I used the metro or the river buses which I can recommend to get around. A lot of the places to see in Bangkok are within walking distance from a pier serviced by the river buses.

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