torsdag 27. august 2009

Brügge, the Cactus Festival and Tracy Chapman

After the Roskilde Festival and Copenhagen Jazz me and Steinar and another friend, Helge, drove down to Brügge in Belgium to see and hear Tracy Chapman who was going to play at the small Cactus Festival here. First of all; Tracy Chapman was worth the long car trip!! Great concert!! And the small and intimate Cactus Festival suited her a lot more than I think any of the stages at the Roskilde Festival would have done. The Cactus Festival was quite a contrast to Roskilde, but we all liked the atmosphere here, both at the festival and the beautiful city of Brügge. Not much more to say about it, if I have the chance I would like to go there another year as well.

Pics from Brügge

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