onsdag 26. august 2009

On bicycle in Denmark and Roskilde Festival

Since 2004 I have been every year to the Roskilde Festival. The first years I went there with my daughter, but the 3 last years I have been allowed to go there on my own, or with friends. Also the 3 last years I have made the trip to Roskilde by bicycle, together with my friend Steinar. This year his daughter, Katarina, and one of her friends, Linn, also joined us, and a second friend of hers, Katrine, joined us for the last 2 days. All in all it is a 5 days trip by bicycle if you do it our way, take it easy, and take the ferry from Århus to Sjællands Odde. The first ferry is the ferry from Norway to Denmark though, the port we have left from has been a different one every year, this year it was from Risavika a bit outside Stavanger.

We have not been blessed with such a marvellous weather as this year before, the sun was shining from start to end. There is not so much to say about the trip except for that we all enjoyed it, but in spite of that the girls insist on that they will go by car or plane next year. There is some pics from the last night before we got to Roskilde that might seem a bit strange, but the hoods on the girls and the hardly “trimmed” tent was caused by a lot of mosquitoes and since they did not start to put up the tent before after sunset there was quite a performance going on before they rushed into the tent.

Except for that the trip went on with cycling, eating, beer-drinking and eating and a night on town in Århus. We all stayed at the flat to Katrine who is studying in Århus, but there was no spare key, so when me and Steinar came to the flat the girls where sleeping steady, and no one heard either the door bell or cell phones. The flat was on the floor over a shop at street level and since it was hot the windows where open. The shop had a gitter and by climbing this and out on the shop sign I managed to climb in – still without waking up any of the girls. I still wonder what went through the minds of those two drivers that passed us when the climbing was going on.

Well... then it was the Roskilde Festival. Great as usual.. though I must say that in spite of better “names” this year that last year, I did not have as many really good concert experiences as I have had the other years. But still enough to go next year as well.

What also has become a tradition for me is to go to a concert at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival which starts the last weekend of the Roskilde Festival and last for some more than a week. 3 years ago I went with my mother, the last 2 years also some of my siblings, nephews and niece have joined us. This year we went to a great concert with Roberto Fonseca band (Cuba), which really was a great experience.

Pics from bicycletrip

Pics from Roskilde Festival

Pics from Copenhagen Jazz Festival

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