mandag 9. mars 2009


It is just a couple of hours by bus from KL to Melaka. Melaka is on the UNESCO list of world heritage places and has a been colonized by the Portuguese, the British and the Dutch. You will find traces of all these colonizers here. I will not give a lecture of the history of the city, anyone interested can find out more for themselves, but just say that for a long time this was the main port for trading between Europe and this part of the world, but also important for traders from China, Persia and the Arab world.

I normally don't frequent a lot of museums, but here I just had to go into several, both the museum in the old dutch city house (Stadthyus), laying at the foot of the hill where the city was formed around, the ruins of the Portuguese church (also later used by the British), and several other museums and sites witnessing the dramatic history and the importance of Melaka. And very different from the modern Kuala Lumpur.

Melaka also has it's China Town around Jonker Street which is the main street in the China Town. Also here you find history, in the Temple Street you will find the oldest chinese temple in use in the whole Malaysia, equally devoted to both Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism. And there are a lot of other small, Chinese temples here, just go for the smell, a calming smell of …... comes from them all.

The replica of the old Sultan's house is also worth a visit. Not only because some parts of it has air condition... Yeah... it sure is hot here..

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