torsdag 12. mars 2009

Perhentian Islands

These pics should not need any comments really, they speak for themselves I guess. But since I might be accused for loading them just to annoy my colleagues and others at home in Norway, I think I need to say something. If I really had those kind of intentions I would have written about the extremely clear water just made for snorkelling and scuba diving, the 3-4 meal courses for lunch and dinner, all the relaxing sounds and the rainforest spa. 

But as I know you guys are working hard to pay out social security, unemployment benefits, rehabilitation benefits, parental and child benefits, and all the service that follows these things, I would not even think about mention such things! Neither will I mention the white, white beach with sand that doesn't get hot in the hot and sunny weather, and the friendly and service minded staff here. 

In stead I will focus on the inconveniences like no roads, no cars, no TV and no way to get away except for the twice a day boat service. You are in fact stuck on a place like this if you loose the last boat at noon!!! 

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  1. Huh. Maybe I ought to pack my bags and join you on the Perhentian islands for the remains of my extended medical leave. They sure look a lot better than the view from my "home office" which I'm currently confined to. To quote Michael Palin: "You lllucky, lllucky bastard."