mandag 9. mars 2009


I won't write too much about Penang, just say that I had a wonderful time together with Natasha and Shafril and friends/family of Natasha. And I also met a facebook friends I from time to time has chatted with, Yee, and she took me on a tour around in Penang/Georgetown. Penang is, as Melaka, on the UNESCO world heritage list. Most of the pics from Pengang is from the tour with Yee.

Penang is famous for the food, it has probably something to do with it's importance in trading, and the mix of people living here (I guess the mix you will find all over Malaysia, but it is easy to see it here). Here you find several temples, mosques and churches from all the world religions, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam and Christianity. There is a China Town, and here is Little India. And just a walk around the restaurant and “feeding” areas is mouthwatering, due to the spicy smells.

I have tried to pick up some malay words these days I have been in Malaysia. Sometimes you learn a little too late. Before I should meet up with Yee, Natasha and Shafril dropped me off at a place were Yee was told to pick me up later. Since I had some time until Yee was coming to pick me up I had a look at the map to find out where I was so I could take a walk in the mean time. I looked for a street name, found one, but just couldn 't find it on the map. I had learned that street is Jalan in malay, but this Jalan Sehala I simply could not find. Later I learned that Jalan Sehala means “one-way street”!

Before we left Penang we had a marvelous lunch in a fishing village together with some of Natasha's family. One dish after another came on the table, all of them just delicious. I think it is a long time since I have felt so filled up, but I just had to have a taste of it all. During our meal, the owner came to our table and wanted to get a picture of me and him, a request I just couldn't refuse. And I asked him if we could take a pic with my camera too. Later I learned that he believed me to be the be the famous TV cook Anthony Bourdain, the host of Anthony Bourdain: No reservations on Travel Channel.... well.. ten seconds of fame...

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  1. yeah..penang is a food paradise besides the beach.. there are many more outlets selling authentic food stuff.. oh gosh, dont remind me, i also hv gained a lot.. always eat, eat and eat..

    I compiled Penang Travel Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon :)

    cheers Ö