tirsdag 21. april 2009


Baguio is in the highlands of Luzon, it took me about 7-8 hours by bus to get there. Some might tell you that it is 4-5 hours, but you better count on 7-8. Most of the bus trip is in the flat lowland, and it is just the last hours you climb a bit more. Baguio is a very nice city, the habitations and roads are climbing up and down the hills within the city. I took a little walk in the the area just outside the city. I would have liked to see the famous rice terraces in Luzon, but it is about 10 hours drive from there, so this will be on my next trip to Philippines.

Baguio also have some hot springs nearby, about an hour by taxi or jeepney, on a very steep road. I made a really relaxing day there. The drive home was a little troublesome, all the jeepneys passing were full, so it took me about two hours waiting to get back. If you don't want to experience the same, you either have to walk down to the last of the resorts in the hot springs and take it from there, or make a deal with a taxi driver. 

I should have had more time in Baguio and Luzon. It goes for the Philippines in general, and also the places I visited in Malaysia. I think I will take this trip as a pre research for my next trip, I will then know what I want to do and how much time I should spend on each place.

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