torsdag 30. april 2009

A bule in Jakarta

Jakarta was my only destination in Indonesia unfortunately. I really look forward to explore this big country in the future. But it is sooo big, so many islands, and soo many people.

I had some exciting days in Jakarta. I stayed some days in the house to a couchsurfer-family, Noery and Fajar and their two sons. Noery took me around for two days, TMII (little Indonesia) where you can see the whole Indonesia in one day almost), to the stone market and a nearby market (everyday market).

The next days I was around with a facebook friend, we were supposed to see some museums, but they closed early so we took a walk in the area. Outside the harbour museum we met Bapak (Mr) Catur who offered us a tour in the harbour museum (even if it was closed) and after that he took us for a round trip in the real Jakarta in the harbour. It is a place where not many tourist would go I think, and it was also the first time for my facebook friend. He even arranged for a boat trip in the harbour. 

Saturday I went to a couchsurfing gathering in the Ayuda Park. I think there is a full photo report from this in facebook. I have never got so many facebook friends in one day as I did after this. It was really fun – and it was my first CS-gathering. But not the last one.

And not to forget... I also got to see and experience the famous Jakarta traffic jam...

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