tirsdag 21. april 2009


I never got to see so much of Manila, and have not so much to write about it. It is a crowded city, about 12 million inhabitants and heavy traffic. In rush hours you might as well walk, it will bring you where you are heading faster than a cab or jeepney. The jeepneys must be Philippines trade mark. Not only in Manila but in all cities I visited. They are far the most used public transport within the cities in the Philippines. It's fascinating to see how payment is done. Money and change is passed along with the passengers to the driver and back again together with messages about the distance and number of passengers you pay for. 

But to begin with.. I flew with Airasia, and they use an airport (Clark) which is about 2-3 hours drive from Manila, depending on where in Manila your destination is. So I arrived Manila late, but got some help from two Philippina girls on how to get to the hotel I had booked, finding a taxi and so on. The taxi suddenly go a flat tyre on the way, and while waiting for wheel change, I got my first meal in Philippines. A balot-vendor on a bicycle passed us and I was encouraged to try this Philippine speciality.- balot. Wikipedia will tell you that balot is fertilized duck egg which is eaten with vinegar. It doesn't sound to bad if you put it that way, but I can say it is a “two in one” meal. The eggs is taken and boiled about 20 days old, so you get a meal of both duck chicken and egg. The Philippines believe this gives energy and good health, and is also said to make men more virile.

But just so you know.. there is a lot of good food in the Philippines, so you don't have to eat balot...

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