tirsdag 21. april 2009

Cebu and Bohol

Except for my day in Bohol I had some lacy days in Cebu. There is a lot to see around the city and the island of Cebu, and I didn't see any of it except for walking around in the city and a day at a beach on Mactan, which is the island where also the airport is placed. I met a facebook friend, Lyka, and her sister for dinner one evening.

My day at Bohol was more busy though, I tried to see all there is to see in one day. To short time of course, but I got a lot out of the day. Waiting for the boat back to Cebu I also spent a couple of hours at one of the small eatery and got in contact with a former fisherman, now I think he spent most of his days drinking and finding something to eat. Very funny guy, and soon there where several people joining our chat, most of them tricycle drivers waiting for the next boat to arrive. I had a great time with them.

I don't think I have to say so much about Bohol. I guess the pics speaks for itself. I would have no problem spending a week or two on this island. 

I planned to leave Cebu on Good Friday, but this day there were no boat services to Palompon on Leyte which was my next stop. So I had to just take a night ferry, it left at 10pm and arrived in Palompon 3.30am. This ferry had just three open decks with a lot of beds on. Since my bed was on top and at the side, I was a little afraid of falling out of bed during the night. If I did I would end up in the water. My travel mate, a young student, offered me to change bed with him, which I gladly accepted... 

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  1. hi... it's nice reading your blogs here about your stay here in the Philippines. I wish to read more...

    take care always... :*:*:*